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We are innovative, client-focused, marketing experts

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Restaurant Growth Advisors was founded by Pradeep Subbarayan to help restaurants maximize their growth through creative marketing. With leadership roles in growth marketing at Amazon and Shopify, Pradeep has been helping businesses dramatically accelerate revenue since 2014. He has a deep understanding of multi-channel digital marketing, marketing automation, and building digital promotional plans based on personalized data insights.

Pradeep understands that for small and medium-sized businesses, every dollar of marketing investment needs to pay off. He is committed to driving results with excellent customer service while respecting your budget constraints.

Pradeep and his team of restaurant marketing experts are customer-obsessed, data-driven, creative, and always curious. They love to question the status quo and learn from mistakes – in marketing, learning what doesn’t work often leads to breakthroughs in what does.

Restaurant Growth Advisors believes in collaborative partnerships and driving long-term value through a “flywheel effect.” This means short-term wins in creating customer interest generate long-term momentum that builds upon itself for sustainable growth. When you attract the right type of customers with the right marketing, repeat visitors, word-of-mouth referrals, positive online reviews, and customer evangelists generate a positive flywheel effect for your restaurant industry.


Reach out to us over email or let’s have a chat over coffee at your restaurants.
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